What is the Buker System?

Bukers Taxanalysis Software

Powerful, yet easy to use, our Bukers Taxanalysis software is the solution for personal cash flow analysis - from the simplest to the most complex tax returns and personal financial statements.

Bukers Business Taxanalysis Pro Software (Bukers BTA Pro)

For your business tax returns and financial statements, use Bukers Business Taxanalysis Pro.  Using actual income tax forms as input screens, spread 1065, 1120 or 1120S tax returns with ease.  At the click of a button, it automatically creates GAAP-equivalent financial statements, cash flow statements, ratios and cash driver adjustments.

You can also spread an unlimited number of business financial statements for a given client side-by-side with Bukers BTA Pro.  Once spreading is complete, the software will generate cash flow statements, ratios and cash driver adjustments.

Bukers BTA Pro includes an optional RMA Peer Comaprisons Module.

Global Cash Flow Analysis

Global Cash Flow Analysis is included at no additional charge in both Bukers Taxanalysis and Bukers BTA Pro, allowing you to combine the cash flows from an unlimited number of Partnerships, S Corporations or C Corporations with those of their individual owners.

Bukers Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study

Our Bukers Taxanalysis Self-Study course gives lenders the advanced skills necessary to analyze the most complex income tax returns and gives them a high level of expertise quickly.

Bukers Taxanalysis III Self-Study

This course is designed for those lenders who want to stay razor sharp, hone their skills, and cover a variety of new additional topics (not previously covered in Bukers Taxanalysis I & II) which are of pressing interest in today's challenging banking environment.

Annual Updates

All Bukers Taxanalysis cash flow analysis training materials and software are updated annually to reflect all tax law changes and their effect on a cash flow analysis.