What Can the Buker System Do for You and Your Lenders?

Your Institution Will Benefit

The Buker System will benefit your institution in many ways by providing important skills to loan officer who rely on income tax returns as a guide to a borrower's annual cash flow.

Our System will allow you to set an objective standard for your institution in the cash flow analysis of income tax returns.  All lenders in all departments can analyze returns and make more informed lending decisions by enhancing the accuracy of their cash flow estimates of prospective borrowers while reducing risk of incorrectly estimating the prospective cash flow.

Using the Buker System, you will save time analyzing marginal credit requests by early elimination of no go loans.  You will also have increased potential for additional lending opportunities by expanding your lenders understanding of borrower's financial affairs via comprehensive analysis of their return.

Your Loan Officers Will Benefit Too

Tax returns are often used to estimate the borrowers' annual income.  But income as shown on the return and actual cash flow are radically different. The Buker System helps loan officers bridge this gap by showing them where to quickly find information vital to a cash flow analysis.  They will learn how to convert income or loss items to their actual cash flow equivalent and how to analyze pass-through entities -- partnerships, S Corporations, estates, trusts, REMICS LLCs and LLPs -- and their effect on cash flow.