Why Should Lenders Use the Buker System?

Comprised of the Bukers software and detailed self-study programs, the Buker System gives your lenders the advanced skills necessary to analyze the most complex income tax returns.

The Buker System teaches lenders how to quickly and systematically review an individual income tax return and accurately determine a borrower's cash flow available to service debt.  It guides them through the cash flow analysis with a thorough, easy-to-use standardized format.  By emphasizing the underlying theory behind each adjustment, the Buker System enables lenders to fully understand appropriate worksheet adjustments, while credit administrators and senior officers are able to quickly critique cash flow analyses on loans pending approval.

The Buker System provides the big picture approach to cash flow analysis of individual returns by focusing on the interrelationships of borrower's various financial activities as presented on a return and highlighting how changes in those activities will impact recurring cash flow derived from those activities.