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About Bukers

Bukers has been in business since 1984.  We specialize in the cash flow analysis of personal and business tax returns for use by lenders and other professionals who lend in the financial industry.  We have taught comprehensive training classes to banks and credit unions in this discipline nationally since 1984.  Over 45,000 bankers have become more proficient lenders as a direct result of Bukers Taxanalysis live training, self-study training materials and computer software products.  All of our products whether it be in the form of training, self-study materials and computer software are fully updated for all tax law changes through December 31st of the prior year.

Updating everything we do for each year’s tax changes is essential to making sure you are producing correct cash flows from each year’s current “crop” of returns.  This point cannot be overemphasized.  It takes us over 2,000 man hours per year just to do the updating.  With Bukers products, every page of materials we offer has been carefully reviewed by our team of CPAs who each hold a Masters degree in Taxation.  Our CPA team brings their backgrounds fully to bear on everything we do at Bukers to make sure your cash flows are pinpoint precise with unmatched accuracy.  When you purchase or license a Bukers product, whether it be training materials or computer software, you are obtaining the most accurate and up-to-date product of its type on the market today.

We have taught over 4,000 Federal and State bank examiners from such agencies as the FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve, NCUA and OTS.  We have heard that many examiners, as a result of our training, use us as a “guide” to check other bank’s cash flow approaches for correctness.  We are grateful for this recognition and regard for the focus on accuracy that is our watchword here at Bukers.

We have also introduced innovation in our computer softwares that others are still catching up to.  In 2001 we began offering Global Cash Flow Analysis.  That was before Global Cash Flows became the everyday term they are today.  Our Global Cash Flows allow you to combine unlimited numbers of individuals with unlimited numbers of related businesses to arrive at Global Cash Flow, Global Debt and Global Ratios.  You can also customize your Globals on-the-fly to reflect the owner’s exact ownership percentage.

Our brochures regarding our various Computer Software products and our Self-Study Materials are here on our website.  Please feel free to download these brochures and see if there are other ways we can help you become more proficient in your cash flow analysis skills and/or in a computerized environment by using our powerful Bukers Taxanalysis and/or Bukers BTA Pro Software products.  For questions of any type contact us directly at 503-520-1303.