The Buzz for Bukers

I've worked for Centinel Bank of Taos as a credit analyst since June 2006.  The bank was using Taxanalysis long before I arrived.  However, my understanding is that the bank's management chose Taxanalysis because it is an extremely useful tool for accurately measuring and projecting the traditional cash flow generated by the small businesses and individuals who are served by a community bank such as ours.

Bukers Taxanalysis Plus has given us an objective means to measure and to project cash flow, which is the primary source of repayment for many loans and loan requests.  In addition, both Paul and Joan have been extremely helpful and very responsive when I've had questions about some of the more complex tax returns that have been presented by our customers.  I always feel comfortable calling Paul and Joan because they respond to my questions promptly and with courtesy and respect.

Jim White
Centinel Bank of Taos
Taos, NM

I chose Taxanalysis, Inc. to provide software for my bank because Taxanalysis uses the same philosphy regarding cash flow calculations as I was taught and is accepted industry wide.

Bukers Taxanalysis Plus has helped us help the borrower because it helps us to find more sources of cash flow and enables us to qualify borrowers for loans better.

Daniel Brown
The First National Bank
McConnelsville, OH

Way back in 1986 when I came from a commercial bank to the Credit Union to set up a commercial lending program I attempted to bring with me a program that we had been using to 'spread' financial statements.  It was a rough program but served its immediate purpose.  I was very pleased to see Taxanalysis because it was exactly what the credit union needed.  It has been so long now I don't even remember how I found out about it!

Because tax laws change constantly I feel that, because of Paul's expertise, Taxanalysis Plus is going to be the latest and greatest when it comes to knowing what numbers can count and what is just 'goop'.

Joyce Judah
St. Helens Community Federal Credit Union
St. Helens, OR

We feel Taxanalysis provides the simplest, most systematic methodical approach to spreading tax return data which demystifies even the most complex cash flow scenarios.  Excellent tech support as well.

Our lenders are able to unravel voluminous returns quickly and accurately.  This expedites our underwriting process and provdes quicker response to our clients.

Eduardo Kirillow
North Valley Bank
Zanesville, OH

Originally we chose Taxanalysis from a financially feasible stand point however after reviewing the characteristics of both Bukers Taxanalysis and Bukers BTA, the platforms fit our business model perfectly.

We are the largest Credit Union in Arizona and we pride ourselves on community lending as well as national participation.  Bukers has provided us with a well known, user friendly system.  Both Bukers Taxanalysis and Bukers BTA have many options available for report generation allowing us to provide very thorough analysis to both auditors as well as participation lenders reflecting our commitment to responsible lending.

I would and have recommended Taxanalysis, Inc. to other individuals and companies.

Theresa Sonny-Smith
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
Phoenix, AZ

We chose Bukers Taxanalysis Plus because it was a product that our regulators were using and the price was affordable.

Bukers Taxanalysis has made sure we are organized and consistent with our determination of cash flow.  Also, I have found the support staff of Taxanalysis, Inc. to be outstanding in answering our questions and concerns.  The staff has gone out of their way to make sure we understand the Bukers product and are using it properly to gain the maximum benefit from it.

I have already recommended Taxanalysis, Inc. to others and will continue to do so.

Tom Reis
US Federal Credit Union
Burnsville, MN