TA I & II Self-Study Is Comprehensive

The Bukers Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study course includes 6 books packed full of important information broken down into an easy to follow, step-by-step format. You'll receive:

  • The Taxanalysis I and Taxanalysis II manuals. These manuals take you through the theory of the Bukers Taxanalysis cash flow analysis system teaching you what on a tax return is cash flow, what isn't and why.
  • Two books full of real-life tax return exercises that cover everything you'll find when spreading a tax return. These exercises graduate in complexity so you're sure to receive plenty of practice.
  • Two books full of solutions to those exercises. Taking a line by line approach, each solution explains in exquisite detail the adjustments that were taken and why.

Once you've completed the Bukers Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study course, hold on to those books! You'll want them right by your side to help you through the sticky situations you're sure to encounter when spreading a tax return.

To order yours, click on the Brochures button below and select Bukers Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study.