TA I & II Self-Study Was Developed Specifically For Your Lenders

Our Bukers Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study program teaches lenders how to quickly and systematically review an individaul income tax return and accurately determine a borrower's cash flow available to service debt.  It focuses on the underlying theory along with detailed practical real-life tax return exercises to make your lenders extremely proficient in tax return analysis.

This remarkable self-study course guides lenders through the cash flow analysis with a thorough, easy-to-use standardized worksheet which enables them to fully understand appropriate worksheet adjustments by emphasizing the underlying theory behind each adjustment.  The worksheet also allows credit administrators and senior officers to quickly critique cash flow analyses on loans pending approval.

Bukers Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study provides the big picture approach to cash flow analysis of individual returns by:

  • focusing on the interrelationships of borrower's various financial activities as presented on a return.
  • highlighting how changes in those activities will impact recurring cash flow derived from those activities.
  • showing you how to spread historical as well as recurring cash flow for all activities found inside a tax return.
  • allowing you to develop a standardized approach to tax return analysis that can benefit your entire institution.

All Bukers Taxanalysis Self-Study materials are fully updated each year to reflect all applicable tax law changes and their effect on a cash flow analysis.  A new edition is released each year which uses the up-to-date current year's tax forms in all of its' real-life tax return exercises.  Doing so provides you with cutting-edge practice on how to properly cash flow the current crop of returns that you won't find anywhere else.

These materials provide the same in-depth tax return analysis training provided to over 4,000 Federal and State bank examiners by Paul Buker in his "live" training.  While not required, it helps to be "on the same page" as the examiners from the OCC, FDIC, Federal Reserve, NCUA and OTS.

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