Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study

The finest and most up-to-date tax return analysis materials available anywhere, our Bukers Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study Course gives lenders the advanced skills necessary to analyze the most complex income tax returns.  To order yours, click on the Brochures button below and select Bukers Taxanalysis Self-Study Brochure.

See the Patterns

Learn to identify recurring and nonrecurring items and incorporate their effects into your analysis with simple adjustments.


Analyze Pass-Thru Entities

Become adept at evaluating Partnerships, S-Corporations, LLC's and LLP's, REMIC's, Estates and Trusts and how the Schedule K-1 is analyzed for each.


Properly Identify K-1s

Recognize K-1's that pass-thru interest, dividends, royalties, and capital gains that look like cash, but aren't. These can lead to an overstatement of cash flow.


Capital Gains Analysis

Know how to identify when a capital gain or loss is truly cash flow and when it's just paper. And see why split year purchases and sales make a difference.