Taxanalysis III Self-Study

With today's very complicated tax returns, the proper understanding of what you are "perceiving" as cash flow is essential to arrive at a correct cash flow. Bukers Taxanalysis III Self-Study shows you exactly what things you need to watch out for. This course is designed for those lenders who want to stay razor sharp, hone their skills, and cover a variety of new additional topics not covered in Bukers Taxanalysis I & II Self-Study.

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Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers are one of the most complicated clients of all to properly cash flow. Making one mistake can cost your bank hundreds of thousands in loan write-offs.


Schedule D "Monster"

This course will provide you with the valuable tools and comprehensive skills to quickly "crush" Schedule D and sort out the myriad of transactions it can present to get the correct cash flow every time.


Practice Makes Perfect!

70 mini case studies in a wide variety of cash flow topics as found on live tax returns will challenge and enhance your existing skills.


Global Cash Flows

With many bank regulators requiring global cash flows to support various loans, it is important that you are very familiar with these intricate cash flow combinations and how to do them.